Due to the fact that people who experienced the failings of Western medicine first hand are not stopping to look for ways for an alternative healing in their search for overall wellness the paving the way for them to research on Free Energy Healing Modalities as a means of providing them the well-being that they are looking for. However since this modern time is considered as the age of information one might encounter a lot of contradicting and misleading messages pertaining to shamanic energy medicine therefore it is important to know what really is Energy Medicine and how does it contribute to one's personal health and wellness.


In order to observe the bioenergetics given out by the human Energy System man invented machines that can enable them to observe and capture the images of these energy systems such as the biofeedback devices and bioscans, photographic imaging technology such as Aura Imaging, Kirlian camera photography and electrophotonic imaging and all other modern energy diagnostic tools. The principle wherein the energy diagnostic machines works involves the principle of measuring the electrical output frequencies that is being emitted by the human body and as well as creating images of different energetic frequencies of the body that is released by our system. Because these Energy Healing Modalities are being converted into a visible light using those diagnostic devices a viewable contrast of the energy differences and its qualities can be observed by the naked eye.


A lot of these devices that provide real-time Imaging of human energies can be found in the market that it will be very easy to make a comparison as to which models suits our needs. The "venous" Energy System  which is a traditional Meridian system being used in acupuncture as a traditional medicine for the Chinese thousands of years ago, can also be proven real and in existence with the use of these devices. The image is produced by these diagnostic devices could also be used as a proof for the Sanskrit or energy center and chakra system that is believed by the ancient Indians to be an Energy Center which is created by the intersection of energy channels or meridians. The most prominent and the strongest chakras in the body can be found residing along the spine. These chakra energy theories could also be proven with the use of modern western medicine discoveries wherein the human embryo have several electrical axis that is present along the spinal column of the embryo in an embryonic development stage even before the organ formations takes place.



By observing abnormalities in the energetic systems in the body, Western and modern science is able to detect any physical dysfunction symptoms weeks and sometimes even months before the actual dysfunction occurs in the body. Read this post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-larry-dossey/spirituality-healing-and_b_680472.html